Building up a different breed of entrepreneur.


Argenta was formed by the timely merger of Argenta Field Solutions and Winner's Network, combining the best in residential and commercial sales.

Argenta values the client, and creates income streams for them through our sales mechanism and focuses on quality & numbers rather than numbers alone. 

Customers can expect top of the line products and with the assurance that they are receiving the best price and services available to them. Our representatives hold pride, ambition, and confidence they are receiving the best sales training, team building, and leadership development to succeed in a sales career. Environment, Training, and Compensation are the tripod that supports our workforce. The same way we believe in the quality of sales, we believe even more in the quality of our people All these components position Argenta to be a different breed of direct sales organization.

At Argenta, we pride ourselves on competition — whether it be between competitors, regions, offices, or individuals. With the use of tools like Top Salesmen, Rookie of the Month, Office Wars, and daily competitions to ignite our people and incentivize them to excel in their volume as well as keeping a focus on quality.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and join the network.